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Dolnośląski Festiwal Nauki Dolnośląski Festiwal Nauki

The History

The slogan of this year's edition: Nauka kluczem do natury - Scientia Naturae clavis (Science as the key to nature).

The programme of XIV Dolnośląski Festiwal Nauki (XIV Lower Silesian Science Festival) offered events in all fields of science and technology, and also education and art. It was tailored to all recipient groups (including young children and seniors), it contained suggestions regarding the humanities, economics, jurisprudence, social sciences, literature, architecture, culture and art, exact and natural sciences, medical sciences, computer science, electronics and telecommunications, engineering and environment protection, biotechnology, technology, sport and recreation, and the military.


Places (Platform of Local Authorities and Communicators Engaged in Science) is a four-year (01.06.2010 - 31.05.2014) project carried out under FP7. Its main purpose is to develop and expand the concept of European City of Scientific Culture. The project involves 69 cities  possessing science centers and museums or organizing science festivals, and almost 10 other  regions from all over Europe.

Student Parliament during 13th Lower Silesian Science Festival

On the 17th and 18th September 2010, during 13th edition of the Lower Silesian Science Festival (LSSF) the Student Parliament (SP), being a part of the international 2WAYS project, will be organized in Wroclaw. 64 pupils, students from 10 Wroclaw High Schools, were invited to take part in SP debates. The thematic focus of all Student Parliaments organized in 17 participating in 2WAYS countries is on issues concerning life sciences. Wroclaw pupils will discuss such controversial questions as: the use of embryonic stem cells, using results from genetic tests, whether genes trigger aggressive behavior, and diagnoses with the help of DNA analysis.

The thirteenth part of LSSF. Coming soon!

The 12th edition of the Lower Silesian Science Festival was a great success. Today, we are going full steam ahead with the preparation for the next one. It is high time we invited you to the newest, 13th edition!
This year, the organizers have prepared more than 1000 events in Wrocław and other six towns in the Lower Silesia: Legnica, Ząbkowice Śląskie, Wałbrzych, Jelenia Góra, Bystrzyca Kłodzka, and Zgorzelec. The motto of this year's edition sounds: "The Beauty of Biodiversity" because of the year 2010 being proclaimed by The United Nations as the International Year of Biodiversity.

LSSF - there's no better way to learn

The 12th edition of the Lower Silesian Science Festival is approaching fast. This year, organizers have prepared more than 900 recommendable events. First of all, it must be admitted that LSSF is one of the most significant, exciting and interesting science undertakings organized in Poland. As a laureate of many prestigious awards, the Festival is highly valued by many institutions, and, what is more, enjoys huge popularity among children, teenagers, students, adults and elders. Because of its program, Festival events are suitable for all people.

2WAYS - new project for EUSCEA members

In 2008 the EUSCEA members were invited to take part in a new, 2-year project, called 2WAYS. The first task for each interested in the project member was to form a "Pair of Partners" with another EUSCEA member. Then the pair should search for a current, peer-reviewed European research project about Life Sciences.

10th Jubilee Edition (2007)

The inaugural lecture of the 10th Lower Silesian Science Festival and the jubilee edition, on New horizons for the inhabitants of Wroclaw, will be delivered by the Mayor of Wroclaw Mr. Rafał Dutkiewicz. The inauguration ceremony will be accompanied with an electro-acoustic concert. Traditionally, Prof. Jan Miodek will reveal some mysteries of the Polish language (Polish inflection - tradition versus the present day) and students of The Ludwik Solski Cracow State College of Drama and of the Regional Branches in Wroclaw will provide the appropriate for the subject matter artistic setting. The Nobel Laureate's Day will be an absolutely exceptional event of the LSSF jubilee edition. The Festival will be hosting Prof. Robert F. Curl (Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996 for the discovery of fullerenes, Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA), and his presentation will concern The Problems in Living with Technology

The History (1998 - 2006)

It seemed to be a weekend attraction only but it spread its wings. Today, the Science Festival is the biggest knowledge disseminating event in Lower Silesia. It is organized not only in Wroclaw but also in Jelenia Góra, Legnica, Wałbrzych and Ząbkowice Śląskie. The Festival is the winner of many prestigious awards and member of the European Science Events Association - a European association of science festivals' organizers.

Festival in Europe (EUSCE)

Since December 2001 the LSSF has been a member of the European Science Events Association (EUSCEA) and within the framework of this association it has been participating in sharing experiences and lecturer exchange - it has carried out European integrating activities in the scope of science communication. In 2005 the Lower Silesian Science Festival took part in the European Researchers' Night organized by the European Commission.

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