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Events Schedule

Stationary edition in Wrocław


16th Lower Silesian Science Festival's inauguration
Professor Jan Miodek's inauguration lecture: "Civic and Folk Knowledge in Language"
When the heart has lost its strength, what else is going on in the body? SICA-HF: How European researchers work to reveal the co-morbidities of heart failure.
The Oxford Debate "Laboratory Europe or the European Market"
Café "Belated Nightingal" - a birthsday visit at Mr Witold Lutosławski
On the Trail of Religious Tolerance. Pilgrimage to the Four Temples District
Open Mondays: Reading of Przemysław Jurek's play "My, król - ja, robot"
Studium Generale at LSSF "Zapach: między sztuką a nauką"
Dance through centuries
CSI: Detective Puzzles Set in Wrocław
Prevention as a European Citizen
Wrocławski Kalejdoskop Środowiskowy
Koncert Finałowy DFN "From John Dowland to flamenco - guitar recital of Waldemar Gromolak"
Park of Knowledge
Ceremonious Closing of the Stationary Edition of 16th Lower Silesian Science Festival


Power Enchanted in Words
Foreign Language - Not Any More
Meeting with History
"Close" and "Distant" Cultures
Pedagogy and Upbringing
The Magic of the Media

Spheres of Art

In the World of Visual Arts
In the World of Music
Around the Stage
Beauty of Architecture

Man and Society

Law and Economics
Meanders of Politics
Social Issues
Military and Defence
Philosophy - Love of Wisdom
Theology - on God, Man and the World

Medicine and Health

In the World of Cells and Tissues
Lesson of Anatomy
Precious Health
In the Sphere of Immunology
Medical Miscellanies
Movement and Health
Magic of Sport
Secrets of Eating

Paths of Biology

Fascinating Microbiology
In the Kingdom of Plants
Animal World
Meetings with Anthropology
Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering

Amazing World of Chemistry

Chemistry Everyday
Joy of Experimenting
Chemistry As a Key To Nature

Earth Sciences

Beauty of the Earth
Weekend with Geology

Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy - Three Sisters

Mathematical Kaleidoscope
Physical Spectrum
On the Way to Stars

Technics and Technology

In the World of INFO
Labyrinths of Technology
Companies at LSSF
Transport Day
Microelectronic Picnic
Renewable Energy - Electricity
Technology in Your House

Interactive Presentations at Schools

(these presentations are only organised for the students of the schools which take part in the festival)

Regional Events in the Silesian Cities

Bystrzyca Kłodzka
Jelenia Góra
Ząbkowice Śląskie

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