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New opportunities for you


New opportunities for you


51 participants from 23 countries and 10 speakers took part in the Eusea Annual Conference in Dublin, July 9 -11, 2012.

The sessions of the EAC12 offered mainly two different possibilities to create

new opportunities for participating organisations/institutions:

(1) Experts from the European administrations, from research and industry

presented new ideas, new projects and new opportunities to cooperate

(2) Interactive sessions were organized to meet as many participants as possible for collecting and discussing novel ideas, joint projects and sharing experiences.

There were two important keynote speeches during the conference.

Keynote 1: “Science of Science Communication”.

Brian Trench , science communication researcher, asked: “Can science communication

be studied scientifically?” and presented an overview of research in the field,  developments in theory and their application to engagement practice.

Keynote 2: “Motivating Europe to embrace the culture of science”.

Anne Glover , Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission talked about how to enhance the society’s perception of research and technology and the opportunities offered by these. He noticed that public support for science in Europe is decreasing.

Brendan Hawdon presented new perspectives in the “Horizon 2020” proposition of the European Commission. He has worked for the European Commission since 1993. Now he is Head of unit 'Framework Programme' in DG Research & Innovation 

Interactive Session: Meet Your Colleagues. The format of “meeting” was used to get to know each other, to chat about various issues, to initiate joint projects, novel ideas and new Cooperation.

Marketplace- Science Engagement Activities - Session for the exchange of projects, events, ideas – Why not “sell” your projects/activities?

There were also three parallel sessions communicating experiences in SC field from participants. Presentations about science engagement activities in non-European countries, like Egypt, Israel, China and United Arab Emirates, were also shown.

Interactive Session: Round Tables - Participants meet around tables to discuss topics of science engagement activities, joint projects and new ideas.

Science Communication projects with Industry - Ideas, experiences, possible joint projects between festival organizations, education & companies, cooperation examples.

36 Eusea members took part in the Eusea General Assembly in Dublin

GA topics: Acceptance and approval of the report on the society’s activities and the financial report for the 2011, approval of the budget for 2012, concepts and sites of the next Annual Conference – Jerusalem, Israel chosen for 2013.

After voting the candidates the delegates welcomed the new Eusea board consisting of:

President: Mr. Leonardo Alfonsi

Board member: Ms Anne-Catherine Hauglustaine-Robert Vice-President.

Board member: Ms Barbara Cader-Sroka - treasurer

Board member: Ms Sheila Donegan - vice-treasurer

Board member: Ms Dafna Efron- responsible for the working groups


For details on conference topics and speeches go to: www.eusea.info/About/Annual-Conferences/EAC12-Eusea-Annual-Conference-2012.


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