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Prodigious empress. Maria Theresa Hubsburg.

   In the world history we can find a lot of extraordinary women. Quite recently we have written an article about one of them – Maria Skłodowska-Curie. Today, in a few paragraphs, we present a profile of another woman who can undoubtedly be counted among great people. This figure is Maria Theresa. Her 300th Anniversary of Birthday falls on this year.   


Maria Theresa was born in 1717. She belonged to the Habsburg dynasty, was the sovereign of Hungary and Czech and uncrowned empress from 1717. Her birth wasn’t enthusiastically welcomed, since a male descendant had been expected to take over. To make passing power from father to daughter possible, Charles V Habsburg decided to wage a war of the Austrian succession. As a result, the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713 was issued, which said that the Habsburg’s properties would be impartible  and could be inherited by women. Maria Theresa began her reign in  1745.


Prior to her succession, Maria Theresa had to get married to a suitable man. The choice was Francis I and it was a good choice. They made a beautiful and happy couple. The empress gave birth to sixteen children, including six daughters whose first names were Mary.


Maria Theresa had a lot of talents. She could shoot with a bow and shotgun. She was also interested in history. Moreover, she was really musical: she played the piano and had a truly operatic voice. At the end of her life it dawned on her that she ‘could be the first virtuoso of Europe’.


On 28th November 1780 Maria Theresa woke up at five in the morning and asked for a cup of coffee. Then, she was talking to her son Emperor Joseph II for a long time. Suddenly, in the evening she got shortness of breath. She tried to rise from the armchair but she immediately slumped down on the couch. Her son said: “You Majesty is lying in a wrong way”. The empress responded to that: “But enough well to pass away.” It was her last words.   


Everybody is welcome to this lecture, during which the story of this amazing woman will be told in detail. Everybody must learn about Maria Theresa, who made history.



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