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Do you think you know all about Earth?

    Earth Sciences

With the advancement of civilization and technological progress, there is also growing awareness that every decision taken by men and women to improve their standards of living may affect nature. Given that nothing is left on Earth forever, it is worth considering what to do to protect the environment so that it serves us as long as possible.


“To understand global warming”

In the simplest terms global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere at the surface of Earth. This process has been observed since the mid-twentieth century. Organized by the Lower Silesian Science Festival, the lecture presents basic climatic mechanisms that lead to global climate changes. Festival-goers will learn about how carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases affect the Earth's climate. In addition, a lecturer will talk about the potential effects of climate change and reasons why man is thought to be responsible for it.

“World of recycling”

As a method of environmental protection, recycling has lately become a hot issue. We all know how important it is and that we should actively participate in it to conserve Earth. How to recycle well and efficiently so not to have to think about it? This lecture will cover issues related to the recycling of household waste. Young participants will also learn about how to recycle waste through various games and activities. This is a great opportunity to start promoting good values among the youngest!


“Was Darwin wrong? Exciting dispute between creationists and evolutionists from the perspective of a geologist”

Darwin's revolutionary theory of the evolution of the organic world became a turning point in biology: it contradicted religious beliefs and a contemporaneous conviction regarding the uniqueness of man. Is there a place for the divine act of creation in the process of slow yet continuous transformation of one form of life into another, lasting hundreds of millions of years? Since all species come from a common ancestor, does it not refer to man? Suppose we are very much dependent on natural selection like an orchid, worm or giraffe, so what then about the idea of ​​man created in the image of God? No wonder Darwin's concepts were strongly challenged by creationists at that time. They tried to question the age of the Earth, find unique human characteristics and instances showing the lack of intermediate forms between groups of fossil animals, the speed as well as magnitude of many geological and biological processes contradictory to Darwinian views on continuous but gradual stratification. On account of the development of biology, paleontology, and earth sciences, evolutionism has become quite different than it was in Darwin's times. However, the debate pertaining to this theory hasn’t stifled. Is it probable that Darwin was actually at fault and some facts deny the existence of biological evolution as creationists proclaim? Or conversely, the theory of evolution is on the right track and any criticism is ungrounded? Answers to these queries will be given at this multimedia lecture.


“How does magma work?”

Created in the depths of the Earth, Magma is a hot, melted mass of silicate and aluminosilicates with oxides and sulphides, mixed with a lot of water and gases. Magma is an extremely interesting substance, mainly because man is not able to see it. At best man might have a chance to see magma coming out to the surface of the Earth called lava. However, both magma and lava are beyond our reach on a regular basis. That is why, our participants will see for themselves how magma behaves by means of non-Newtonian fluid. Also, the properties of magma under different conditions will be laid out.

RAW MATERIALS – exploitation and processing

This panel is entirely prepared by RawMaterials! Among sixteen events, this panel also features an outdoor game when GPS Tracker – Geocatching is needed. The game consists in finding boxes hidden by other contestants. Adequately protected, these boxes – watertight containers have small gifts and a diary in it. In the diary new finders jot down their findings. The game will give you a lot of fun!

Events from the "Earth Sciences" panel must be included in your calendar! These events will surely help you gain and deepen the knowledge you need every day and the knowledge every smart person should have.  

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