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Be like Sherlock Holms in Wrocław

As in previous years, a series of events entitled CSI: Detective Puzzles Set in Wroclaw will be held at the LSSF. This venture is made up of ten events prepared by the workers of the Medical University, the University of Wrocław and the Wrocław University of Technology. We preview some of them!

Artificial intelligence - toy land or real applications? The Short Story about the Nature of Text Plagiarism, Forensic Examination of Questioned Text and Computer Based Antiplagiarism Systems

Antiplagiarism systems are widely known and used in many situations, for instance, while submitting works for publication. The lecture will present the phenomenon of plagiarism. Participants will learn about the types of contemporary plagiarism and the nature of their origins. The lecturer has divided the lecture into two parts:  the first part concerns what forensic methods are used for text and illustration analysis; the second one focuses on misconceptions pertaining to the development of computerized antiplagiarism systems; a few such systems will be shown! The lecturer will also touch upon examples that illustrate the typical breach of the law regarding the writing of theses and the consequences those who commit plagiarism must face up to. 

CSI Wrocław - Crime without limit

Dr Rafał Cieśla and students from the Student Research Group of the University of Wrocław have prepared a blood-curdling game. The game will enable us to feel like guardians of public order. Participants will try to establish the course of a murder of a police officer. The case has attracted media attention. An instructor of the game presents the case this way: "The body of a young policewoman, bent in a mortal grimace, was found in her apartment, at ul. Uniwerstecka 22/26. As members of a specially appointed investigation team, you have the task of unravelling the mystery of her death and indicating a perpetrator. As the investigation progresses, it becomes more and more complicated: it turns out that the young girl has many faces. Apart from being a professional, she led the life of an experimentor, often reaching out for stimulants. Are you ready to save traces, fingerprints, mouths and ears, and verify the authenticity of documents? Let's hope that all the actions you take will eventually lead to the identification of the perpetrator, as well as help alleviate the pain of the poicewoman’s family.

Biological traces on the crime scene. Mechanism of the emergence of blood traces 

Biological traces are all those that are related to living organisms - of human, animal and plant origin. In forensic practice, biological traces can be divided into three groups: coming from tissues, secretion, and excretion. The concept of biological trace is difficult to define unequivocally, since there is no precise definition that would undoubtedly indicate that we are dealing with a biological trace.

From the forensic point of view, questions arise as to how the blood was deposited on the ground and what its mechanism was? We promise you will feel like real detectives on your favourite crime series. 

Genetics on the trail of crime

It is common knowledge that there is no perfect crime. During the event you will play the role of Sherlock Holmes and be shown what the genetic material analysis looks like. This is the most common method used in criminalistics for identifying criminals and victims. On account of advances in medicine, technology and computer science, almost everything on the crime scene can become a potential proof. This workshop will be an opportunity for you to see if you have your eyes wide open.

Forensic traces – what can be read from them and how to use them?

Jan Sehn said that the forensic trace is a series of changes in objective reality which, as perceptible signs after events, may be the basis for reconstructing and determining the course of events according to the reality. This definition is one of the basic concepts used in forensic science. The trace is not just a print, a stain on the ground, sand or snow but also a clue. When we find it, we must have the courage and the will to follow it. Don't miss it out! 

CSI - crime scene stimulation

This workshop is a real treat for everyone who is interested in forensic science. On the spot participants will impersonate prosecutors, police officers, forensic technicians and even forensic pathologist. A team of investigators will be formed to find out the truth about the crime. Thanks to this event, you will see for yourself how professionals work in the face of a found corpse. Sleeves rolled up? Get down to work! 

Every year events from the series "CSI: Detective Puzzles Set in Wroclaw" are attracting crowds of festival-goers who say this series is one of the most interesting undertakings organised at the Lower Silesian Science Festival. If you have not attended yet, it is time to change it! 

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