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Beijing International Science Festival 3rd Roundtable Conference

Beijing International Science Festival
3rd Roundtable Conference

The 5th Beijing Science Festival, co-organized and sponsored by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST) was held in Beijing in the period 20 – 25 September 2015. BAST aims at strengthening the international cooperation and exchange in the field of science communication. One of its main objectives is also to raise the public science literacy. The Festival was accompanied by the 3rd Roundtable Conference of the Beijing International Science Festival (BISFRT) organized on the 20th September.

3rd Roundtable Conference of the Beijing International Science Festival

24 representatives of science festivals or institutions promoting science from 17 countries of Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Africa took part in the Conference.  Roundtable Conferences were initiated three years ago by BAST with a goal to establish a long-term platform for cooperation between organizers of science festivals from all over the world. Each year new Roundtable Conference participants sign the Memorandum of Understanding, that formulates the rules of the cooperation with BAST, the content of the cooperation, and the arrangements regarding  regular conferences and irregular video-conferences of all the stakeholders. Click here to read the Memorandum od Understanding.

The Conference participants exchange, during thematic seminars, their best experiences and resources concerning organizing and realizing science festivals. They also jointly deal with various issues found over the development of the science festivals, which supports the growth of science communication in different countries. They also work on new ideas and new formats promoting innovation in SC.

The Lower Silesian Science Festival (LSSF) and its achievements were presented during the 3rd Roundtable Conference by Barbara Cader-Sroka. On behalf of the Lower Silesian Science Festival, as the proxy of the LSSF Coordinator for the international cooperation, B. Cader-Sroka also signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

All the events of the 5th Beijing Science Festival were realized on stands situated in tents located in the Olympic Park in north Beijing. Activities promoting latest technologies and robotics dominated at the Festival but there were also physical, chemical and biologicalexperiments, as well as math workshops.

Chinese children numerously attended festival activities and on their faces could be seen the same interest and admiration as  can be seen on a face of each curious about the world child. This proves that there are no boundaries for fascination with science, and that science itselfis probably the best platform of agreement over all divisions.

Barbara Cader-Sroka

Below – snapshots from the 5th Beijing Science Festival, 20th September 2015.

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