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Festival in the Region

The Festival has been cooperating for years with regional branches of Wroclaw University of Technology and Wroclaw University of Economics, Karkonosze College in Jelenia Góra and with the Witelon University of Applied Sciences in Legnica. The beginnings of such an event dated back to 1998 where the Festival has taken place in Legnica, Jelenia Góra and Wałbrzych for the first time. Subsequently, the Festival has been organised in the following cities: Ząbkowice Sląskie since 2002, in Zgorzelec since 2010, in Głogów and Dzierżoniów since 2011 and in Lublin since 2013.

The Festival enjoys popularity among thousands of young people in Lower Silesia. Every year at October weekends the representatives of Wroclaw universities promote science through conducting lectures, workshops, displays, presentations or talks during which scholars have to face young people’s difficult questions regarding science and its complexities. What is more, each participant tried their hand at investigating, puzzling out and experimenting with various scientific processes.


This year 55 events took place in Legnica. The inhabitants of Legnica and people who wanted to take part in the regional edition of the Festival found out about medical miracles, benefits of feathers and selected experiments in physics. Jelenia Góra, in turn, offered 27 events where participants got acquainted with nanotechnology, techniques of negotiations and human microbiomes. Whereas everyone who visited some events (out of 111) organised in Wałbrzych got to know whether philosophy is a science or whether plants feel. Also, in Ząbkowice Śląskie many attractions such as At the Scene of the Crime, How to Become a Rally Driver? and The Dakar Rally – Madness or Normality were prepared.



Events in Zgorzelec provided young participants with helpful hints on how to become an anti-terrorist and give first aid or what to eat to be healthy at a low price. Another city which hosted the Lower Silesian Science Festival was Lublin. People who participated in events there learnt about the dangers that new technology may well bring about, as well as symmetry in nature. Apart from the aforementioned cities, festival fans were able to take part in over 100 attractions organised in Głogów and Dzierżoniów. One could watch, among other things, inventions inspired by the natural world, amazing bugs and meteorites that influence our lives.

The presented events in particular cities are only small part of what one was able to see and do during this year's regional edition of the festival. We invite you all to take part in the next edition in the given cities, which is planned to be as full of interesting events as the previous one or even fuller.



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