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Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego

Gmina Wrocław

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About Festival

Scientific Passages

Scientific Passages - Attractions of the 9th Lower Silesian Science Festival

A novelty in the program of the LSSF in 2006 is the introduction of scientific passages, which are thematically and spatially closed cycles of presentations, with a predominance of interactive forms of teaching (shows, workshops, laboratories etc.). It is a real revolution in the Festival program. The author of the project concept and its organizer is Prof. Kazimiera A. Wilk – the Main Coordinator of the LSSF.



Our planet the Earth

  • Astronomical center
  • Movement, matter, energy, space, time
  • Clean and rich environment, shaping It and the results of It

The faces of beauty, or humanistic passages

  • Language, civilisation, culture
  • Do we already know everything about heart and mind?
  • Why are you in such a hurry, man?
  • Between theory and practice in theatre - in the world of actors

The infallible technology

  • A human in cyberspace
  • Passage of Innovation
  • Passage of technology
  • Passage of economics

Living organisms and their mysteries

  • Are animals among us or next to us?
  • From an element to a dye, DNA and cosmetics
  • The unwelcome companions of our life, or the fascinating and dangerous microbes
  • A lesson in anatomy and experimental biology

Exercise as a way to remain forever young

  • Citius Altius Fortius - Faster Higher Stronger

Science – my passion

  • Physics and chemistry for everybody
  • Physical and mathemathical kaleidoscope


During the 9th Lower Silesian Science Festival (September 12-26, 2006) Wroclaw University of Technology will be hosting the prestigous exhibition – Fusion Expo – Stars Energy, organized by European Fusion Development Agreement.



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